Our bread and butter is shoe repair. This includes repair work such as such as full and half sole replacements, heel replacements, toe tip build up, zipper replacements, gluing, stitching and much more



Cowboy boots rubber soles + heels - $125CA($95US)

Cowboy boots leather soles + heels - $225CA($175US)

Riding boots full soles + shine - $250CA($195)

Stretch boots on the calf - $65CA($50US)

Change any zippers boots - $65CA($50US)

Ladies’ boots take in - $85CA($65US)

Ladies’ boots alteration - $120CA($95US)

Riding boots change zipper - $120CA($95US)

Pin lifts - $20CA($15US)

Rubber heels small size - $25CA($20US)

Orthopedic shoe lift - $150CA($120US)

Rubber heels small size medium size - $35CA($30US)

Rubber half soles + heels - $120CA($95US)

Belts shortening - $25CA($20US)

Velcro replacement - 25CA($20US)

Stretch length and width - $25CA($20US)

Inspection prior to beginning work
To help us better serve you, send info@kwshoerepair.com a number of pictures of your shoes taken from various perspectives (Side, Welt, Bottoms, etc.). Include  the type of soles you desire, if possible.
Your shoes will be further examined for recrafting after we receive them. We will let you know if they cannot be recrafted or require more effort. 
A bill will be sent to you once the work is complete.
To avoid customs charges when sending us footwear for repair from OUTSIDE of Canada, please write this note clearly on your package: “used footwear for repair, no commercial value”.

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  • Linda said:

    I’m wondering how much to put new soles on Blundstone boots. I see rubber soles for 65.00. Is that 65.00 for each boot or 65.00 for both?

    July 03, 2022

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