Cowboy & Riding Boots Repair Service

Type Cost in $CAD Cost in $USD
Cowboy boots rubber soles + heels $125 $95
Cowboy boots leather soles + heels $165 $125
Riding boots full soles + shine $250 $195
Stretch boots on the calf  $65 $50
Riding boots zipper replacement $120 $95
Regular zipper replacements  $65 $50
Ladies’ boots take in $85 $65
Ladies’ boots alteration $120 $95
Velcro replacement $35 $25


Saddle up for new adventures with our Cowboy & Riding Boots Repair Service. Our skilled craftsmen will expertly mend and refurbish your beloved boots, ensuring they're ready for the trail ahead. From worn-out soles to scuffed leather, we'll restore them to their former glory. Ride in style and comfort - choose our Cowboy & Riding Boots Repair Service today!

To avoid customs charges when sending us footwear for repair from OUTSIDE of Canada, please write this note clearly on your package: “used footwear for repair, no commercial value”.