Safety Boots Resole Package



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Cost in $USD

Safety Boots  Resole Package includes :
  • 360 Stitched Midsole 
  • Vibram  outsoles
**Vibram 132 Soles can be included in this package for an additional cost. **
$185 $145

Rediscover Your Safety Boots' Best with Our Exclusive Resole Package! (Watch Video)

Experience the difference with our exclusive Resole Package for safety boots. Our skilled master specialize in expertly restoring the grip and durability of your worn-out boots, rekindling their original charm. Reclaim comfort and style – opt for our Safety Boots Resole Package today!

To avoid customs charges when sending us footwear for repair from OUTSIDE of Canada, please write this note clearly on your package: “used footwear for repair, no commercial value”.
Sole Optional Selection
We are a certified Vibram repair facility. If you have a unique design desire, please let us know as we have a wide range of Vibram sole options