Shoe Repair

Our bread and butter is shoe repair. This includes repair work such as such as full and half sole replacements, heel replacements, toe tip build up, zipper replacements, gluing, stitching and much more

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Hand Bags, Leather, & Miscellaneous

Our expertise is not limited to footwear repairs only. We can generally repair most leather goods including leather bags, purses, belts, and leather jackets

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Cleaning & Maintenance

We also specialize in cleaning all types of footwear. We provide the best shoe care service such as deep cleaning, polishing, redying and more

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Orthopaedic Footwear Modifications

Footwear with orthopaedic features offers many benefits, but sometimes even after the ‘best fitting’ shoe is found, it still may not fit well enough . The footwear may need further modifications that can be simple or complex.

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