First impression, lasting impression! Bujar is a craftsman which is evident in his workmanship. The quality, fair pricing and friendly service is definitely a business I would recommend and return with no hesitation. Professional, clean and equipped with all machinery that is required to get the job done. Thank you KW Shoe Repair!


Many thanks to, KW Shoe Repair, for breathing new life into my tired pair of suede Blundstones that were suffering from disintegrating outsoles. The awesome result is a huge improvement over the original boots. Your unique blend of skill, artistry, and good nature is infused into every stitch. Much appreciated!


Excellent service. Quality expert craftsmanship. Had my Red Wing boots back in just a few days, new soles and restored leather. I would recommend Bujar and KW Shoe Repair to any member of my family or friends. Thank you!

We Autograph Our Work With Excellence

At KW Shoe Repair, all our repairs are completed with meticulous detail, resulting in a product that is as good as new!

About Us

We bring over 25 years of craftsmanship to the table. So when we’re talking over materials, recommended repairs and fair pricing, you’re getting the best service possible. We build trust before we rebuild your footwear.

Our Services

Artisan Recrafting Services

Unleash the magic of our skilled artisans to transform your worn or new footwear into timeless treasures. Discover expert craftsmanship, quality, and attention to detail with our Footwear Artisans Recrafting Service. Step into a world of renewal and rejuvenation for your beloved shoes.

Resoling Services

Experience our top-notch Footwear Resoling Services and give your favorite shoes a fresh start. We specialize in bringing new life to your beloved footwear, ensuring they look and feel as good as new. Trust us to revive your soles and walk confidently in style!

Repair Services

Discover our expert Footwear Repair Services, dedicated to extending the life of your favorite shoes and bringing them back to their best condition. From sole replacements to stitching and more, we're here to ensure your footwear looks and feels great again

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