Cleaning and Maintenance

 Type Cost in $CAD Cost in $USD
Shoe Cleaning $65 $50
Mirror Shine $120 $95
Riding Boots Cleaning $120 $95
Designer Shoe Cleaning  $120 $95
Suede Shoe Cleaning $65 $50
Uggs Boots Cleaning $65 $50
Sneaker Cleaning $65


    Inspection prior to beginning work
    Discover the secret to maintaining impeccable footwear with our Shoe Care and Cleaning services. Our experts will pamper your shoes, removing dirt, stains, and scuffs, while preserving their original beauty. From leather to suede, we use premium products for optimal results. Elevate your shoe game - experience the magic of Shoe Care and Cleaning today!
    To avoid customs charges when sending us footwear for repair from OUTSIDE of Canada, please write this note clearly on your package: “used footwear for repair, no commercial value”.